• Application of Photovoltaic Panel

      As a public service organization with high energy consumption, hospitals face great pressure in future energy conservation, emission reduction and consumption reduction work.

      It is particularly important to explore the construction and development model of green hospitals, and promote the scientific application of green building concepts and energy-saving and consumption-reducing technologies.

      The power station is built on the roof of the school, which is equivalent to a large popular science base. The school has a wider roof, good structure and stable power consumption.

      Photovoltaic panels generally can be installed on the roof of the equipment room, surrounding open spaces and iron towers.The inverter and combiner boxes are installed on the wall of the equipment room.

      When the weather conditions are good, the base station will give priority to using the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system.

      When the weather conditions are bad, such as rainy, the mains electricity will be used. When the weather is bad and the power is cut off, the electricity in the battery is used.It can increase the service life of the battery greatly.

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