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      For the owner, what should be done when constructing a photovoltaic power station to ensure stable power generation and not be affected by the weather?

      First of all, do a good job in the preliminary design of the power station.When designing a photovoltaic power station, you need to choose a suitable location. For example, when the photovoltaic power station is built on the roof, you must consider the fixed roof load, wind pressure load, snow pressure load, and earthquake load, because only this way can avoid damage to the power station due to rainy weather.

      Then, installation should not be done at will. The orientation of the power station installation process should be south, so that it can receive the sun fully. The installation angle is theoretically equal to or close to the local latitude, and the arrangement and spacing need to be determined based on the local sunshine and the size of the roof structure.

      In addition, good equipment must be selected to extend the life of the photovoltaic power station effectively.

      All in all, if you want a photovoltaic power plant to operate stably under continuous severe weather, it needs to be designed, installed and selected according to the design standards to prevent damage to the photovoltaic power station and let the power station survive the rainy day easily.

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