• The impact of photovoltaic power generation

    Are there any radiation sources in household photovoltaic power stations?
    The household photovoltaic power station is composed of photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic inverter power supplies, photovoltaic support frames and photovoltaic cables.
    Photovoltaic power generation converts solar energy into AC power immediately according to the characteristics of semiconductor materials, and then converts AC power into AC current that can be applied according to the inverter power supply.
    There are no chemical reactions and nuclear reactions. Therefore, photovoltaic power generation is not easy to have shortwave radiation.
    The installation of photovoltaic power generation is an inexhaustible green energy source without pollution and radiation.
    Will photovoltaic power generation harm our body?
    Since the photovoltaic module does not have a radiation source, it can reflect some harmful ultraviolet light in the natural light, so it is not easy to be harmful but also reflects some harmful ultraviolet light.