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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to submit a complaint for a quality or workmanship problem?
         Submitting a complaint is easy. Just give us a call, and our dedicated team will guide you through the process. We're here to help you resolve any product warranty or workmanship warranty issues promptly. n the rare event that you are unable to reach us or if you feel your concern hasn't been adequately addressed, you can also contact the Clean Energy Council (CEC). CEC oversees all registered products, installers, and retailers in the industry. They can facilitate communication with your suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring that any problems you encounter are effectively resolved.
Who is the Clean Energy Council (CEC)?

    CEC is Australia's authority for clean energy policies and standards, overseeing products, practitioners, and projects

Is Investing in a Solar System Right for You? Why consider solar for your home?

1. Government Support: The Australian government offers substantial support for residential solar programs, including installation rebates and STC incentives. This means you can install a solar system on your roof with a minimal upfront investment and enjoy up to 60% in annual electricity savings.

2. Eco-Friendly & Low Maintenance: Solar systems are not only eco-friendly but also require very little maintenance. They are a hassle-free way to power your home sustainably.

3. Act Now: Government rebates are gradually reducing year by year, causing upfront costs to rise. There's no better time than now to invest in solar and secure your energy future.

How Solar Systems Work?

Your solar system acts like your private power plant. Integrated into your existing setup, it operates in three simple ways:

  1. Self-Powered: It covers your electricity needs when active.

  2. Earn from Excess: Extra energy can earn you money through Feed-In-Tariffs.

  3. Continuous Supply: Seamlessly switches to your supplier if needed.

Can I Achieve a Zero Electricity Bill?

By installing a solar system alone, a zero electricity bill is not guaranteed. However, our solar system designs factor in your usage and spending habits to maximize self-consumption. For those aiming for a zero bill in the future, we recommend considering a battery system.

Can I Use the Solar System to Charge My Car?
Charging your car is a seamless process with our solar system. It automatically prioritizes solar-generated electricity. To ensure your car consumes electricity from your solar system, simply charge it on sunny days. Alternatively, consider installing a battery system to store excess solar energy, allowing you to charge your car at any time using stored energy.
Why to install a solar system??
1. For saving and Earing
Accordingly, the solar system can, on average, assist homeowners or business owners in saving up to 90% on their monthly energy bills. Additionally, you may even earn some credits from your energy supplier by feeding excess electricity back into the grid.
2. Rebate and Incentive

The Australian government runs programs to support homeowners and business owners by offering rebates for the installation of solar and battery systems. They also provide incentives like STCs (Small-Scale Technology Certificates) or interest-free loans for solar systems with a capacity lower than 100 kW. For more details, please contact our representative.

For installations of solar and battery systems with a capacity higher than 100 kW, property owners can claim LGCs (Large Generation Certificates) or VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates) in Victoria, ensuring a higher return on investment (ROI).

3. Eco friendly 
Cutting ties with fossil fuels, backing Australia's decarbonization roadmap. Let's Aussie-up our energy future.
4.Other benefit

Enhance your property value effortlessly! Your home, the most cherished asset for many, deserves proper care to retain its value and elevate your lifestyle. Embrace a solar-powered home – a crucial investment in property maintenance. As solar rebates and STC claims decrease annually, material costs may not follow suit. Secure your savings by considering a solar system installation now.

Bid farewell to routine roof maintenance! A solar-covered roof is low-maintenance, eliminating the need for regular painting. Simply give the panels a rinse annually if they appear in need. Elevate your property value and lifestyle with solar efficiency

Do I need to install a battery?and how to choose a battey?
Well, it boils down to what you're after. If you wanna stash away that extra solar juice for a rainy day or just be a bit of a legend during a blackout, then a battery might be your go-to mate.
Deciding on your battery size? Easy as pie. Work out your consumption when the solar panel's having a kip. For your average Aussie family, a 10kWh battery usually does the trick. But don't just take my word for it, have a chinwag with the solar experts. They'll crunch the numbers and point you in the right direction, no worries!
How solar and battery system work together with grid supply?

         When the sun's strutting its stuff, your solar panels kick into gear, converting that sunshine into electricity. This flow of energy takes a cool detour through an inverter, grooving it into the type of electricity your home vibes with - Alternating Current (AC).

        Now, if there's more of that sun-made electricity than your place can use right away, it doesn't go to waste. If you've got a battery, it's like a backstage pass – that extra electricity hangs out there until you need it. And if the battery's had its fill, the surplus energy doesn't pack up and leave; it heads out to the grid, any surplus electricity is sent back to the grid, earning you some cool credits from your supplier.

        When the sun takes a bow or if it's a bit cloudy, your battery takes center stage, supplying your home with stored electricity until it's all used up. After that, no worries - the grid steps in to keep the energy party going until the next sunrise

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